Journey Through 30 Days of Prayer For Our Girls

I am not sure why, but it seems that I have some of my most profound thoughts as I lie in bed desperately trying to fall asleep. You would think that chasing four girls around the house, finding matches to 65 pairs of pink socks and figuring out another way to bake a chicken would simply wear my brain out!

Not So.

So instead of being frustrated at my failed attempts, I usually use that time to talk to God about things that have been weighing heavily on my heart.  Often that conversation involves the four tutu wearing, tantrum throwing, uncontrollable laughter having gifts that reside in my home-also known as my lovely daughters! I talk to God about their futures, my fears, their friendships, their innocence, our relationship and the list goes on and on.

I talk to God and I cry out to Him.

 I seek His face not because I don’t trust that He has a plan, but because I am in daily need of His wisdom and strength to do my part.  On our parental journey there are battles that we have to fight on a regular basis in order to stay focused on what God has called us to do: be His love to His children.  

Long days, rough patches and statistics can often lead to complacency and eventually a sense of hopelessness for the future of our girls.

Don’t lose hope. Don’t let the statics tell you what to expect from and for your girls. Do not leave voids in your girl’s lives for the enemy to fill. Don’t lower God’s standards in order to avoid failure.

Let’s pray.

Whether you are like me and talk to God in the evenings or over your cup of morning coffee, be intentional about praying for your girls…let’s do it together.

Over the next 30 days we will post a daily prayer for girls.

Topics will include:            You…as her mother

                                                Her relationship with God

                                                Her attitude

                                                Her school

                                                Her future                          

Join us on the blog daily beginning Wednesday Aug. 15th!

Will you pray with us?

Comment below and let us know we are not alone in this commitment!

Invite others too!

I am excited and expectant as we intentionally dedicate these next 30 days to seeking God for our Girls!

For easy access to the daily prayers be sure to subscribe to the blog…or just visit us daily!

Day 1 Prayer


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