From Missionaries in Guatemala to movie stars in Hollywood-Little girls do big things!

Wanting to “grow up” seems to be one of the most profound memories of my childhood!

Don’t you remember the anticipation of turning “double digits,” or the process of dying a slow death until you could wear make-up or drive a car, or eagerly awaiting your junior year prom?  All of these thoughts had one end goal in mind; one day being able to run our own lives as adults!

Ironically, now that I am an adult, I find myself on a never-ending search for ways to keep my children from growing up…too fast!

This is one of the reasons why being the editor and founder of For Girls Like You Magazine brings me such joy! Not because I am dedicated to torturing my girls (or yours), but because it gives me the opportunity to highlight and bring attention to all of the excitement and joy that can be found while being young!

When planning each issue, we pray for God’s direction in who we are to feature and highlight. And He continues to cross our paths with amazing little girls, who are doing BIG things to impact His world!

This issue is no different! The topics range from being a missionary in Guatemala, to designing a pair of flip-flops, to being God’s girls in Hollywood!

Take a peek inside:

Young movie stars are always fun but often seem so out of reach to the girls watching them on the other side of the screen. This is why we love Mary-Charles and Maggie Jones so much! They have starred in movies Footloose* and We Bought a Zoo* but they are no different from any other little girl! Most importantly they love GOD! Your girls will love meeting them!

Preview here!

Meet 13 year old Morgan Von Gunten. Morgan has published her very own recipe book and shared a little advice for our girls!

Preview here!

Meet 14 year old Camryn Kelly, daughter of Hall of Fame Quarterback Jim Kelly. Camryn is the co-author of Hot Chocolate with God. She and her friends (under the guidance of mom) also host a website with games, videos and advice posts that your girls will love! We are thrilled to feature her!

Preview here!

If you’d like to see additional previews or to place an order please visit us @!

Or if you know a little girl that we need to meet, tell us about her! We love meeting and featuring girls who have found the joy in being a little girl!

*Movies mentioned require parental guidance

About For Girls Like You Magazine

Hi! I am so glad you are here. I am the proud wife of Jonathan and momma of FOUR little Girls, Alena, Kaitlyn, Camryn and Olivia! I am also the editor and founder of For Girls Like You Magazine! This blog is just one piece of the resources we have available for you! Find out more about me on the "A Little About Me" page! View all posts by For Girls Like You Magazine

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