Raising God’s Girls In Hollywood

Do you recognize these adorable little faces? You may have seen them in films like Footloose and We Bought a Zoo. What you may not know is that these girls are more than just faces in Hollywood; they are “God Girls,” shining and using their gifts from Christ for Christ!  Rather than living a story of fame, these lovely ladies are reminding Hollywood that this life is not about them.

Look for For Girls Like You Magazine’s feature article with Mary Charles and Maggie Elizabeth Jones in the upcoming June 2012 issue.  Your girls will enjoy meeting them soon!  In the meantime, we are thrilled to introduce you to their dad and biggest champion, Jason Jones!

As a father of little “God Girls” in the spot light, what are the top three things you are doing to make sure that you are, and remain their primary influence?

First, we have an unwavering commitment to FAMILY being #1. No matter what other activities or acting opportunities present themselves, we always evaluate the impact on the family, to ensure that the entire FAMILY comes first before anything else.

Second, we make sure that we set aside time each week for church and other church related activities. Our Church provides a great support vehicle and foundation for our entire family. It helps us stay “on level ground” and reminds us of what our real priorities should be each and every day.

Third, we want to have FUN! We never want to have any of our activities (acting, sports, music) seem too much like “a job”. If my children are not having fun and a great experience, then we certainly have to re-evaluate our priorities. We always ask our children “is this what you really want to do” when looking at a new film or TV role. Their well-being is truly our FIRST PRIORITY. So far, each endeavor has been FUN and a very positive experience.

How do you balance the demands of “acting” with family life? Have you had to redefine your family’s “normal?” If yes, in what ways?

Well I think if you ask any family if their life is “normal” they would say “no!” That being said, there are some unique challenges in the world of entertainment. There are times when the family is not together and we carefully have to manage that. Luckily, we have a great airport near us so whenever we are apart we are truly only a plane ride away. We also leverage technology such as SKYPE to stay in touch. That has really been a neat blessing when the family is separated for any extended period of time. 

A recent article in the Huffington Post, Kids Want Fame More Than Anything, references a 2007 study which found fame to be the #1 value among preteens. Knowing the positives and negatives of fame, what advice do you give to our parents as they are confronted with this reality?

We NEVER talk about fame with our kids. It really almost seems silly to them based on the way they are raised. Instead, we talk a lot more about GIVING to others. Their focus is on getting to meet new people and do some amazing things, not what others think about them. While the red carpet premieres and interviews are fun, the focus is always on the overall project, not on how “famous” they can be.  As long as we keep our focus on what we can GIVE to others we feel that we can steer clear of trappings of “fame.” Our girls have seen firsthand how much fun it is to GIVE of their time, talents, and treasures… and that is where their real reward can be found.

For more information on Jason Jones and the Jones girls, follow  on twitter @jasonjoneslives


FAME! It can be used for what it can get, or what it can GIVE and it all boils down to how we define sucess and greatness. Whether they are famous or not, God has called each of our girls to greatness!

Share one of your girl’s talents or gifts below and how she uses it for Christ for an opportunity to win a copy of Dr. Tim Kimmel’s “Raising Kids for True Greatness: redefine success for you and your child.”


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One response to “Raising God’s Girls In Hollywood

  • Karla M. Gurley

    My little girl..
    I’m so proud of her. She is in the second grade and was doing 4th grade math today. I asked her ” Are you sure that’s not too hard?” And she says , “No. I got this!” I was so proud of the way she challeneges herself to learn and do more than what is required! She’s so amazing to me.

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