A new friend answers our prayer!

Meet For Girls Like You’s newest friend, 3 year old Abigail!

Take a moment and look at Abigail. She’s just a little girl who enjoys playing with dolls, reading stories, doing flips and stomping in puddles of water. She dreams about spinning in circles while wearing a big bright yellow poufy dress with her favorite red and white polka dot rain boots! Imagine a princess, wearing her favorite crown, her mom’s old slip, one high heeled shoe, and a hot pink boa tossed around her neck; as she gallops to a table full of bears and a teapot filled to the brim with imaginary water….

That’s who Abigail is, a little girl who enjoys doing what little girls do. Unfortunately, this is not the life that Abigail lives.

Abigail is just one of the many children around the world whose unimaginable uncertainties are simply considered a normal way of life. On a daily basis, children like Abigail and just like your daughters and mine, live without a safe place to rest, without clean water, proper clothing and a nutritious meal is nowhere to be found.

As a parent of girls Abigail’s age, I place myself in the shoes of her mother. How would I look into those sweet eyes and explain that tonight we will sleep on the very ground we are standing on? What words would I use at an attempt to comfort and quiet the rumbling of my baby girl’s tummy?

The thought alone brings tears to my eyes and an ache in the pit of my own stomach. I cannot imagine having to watch my daughters struggle day to day knowing that tomorrow will not be any better.

Abigail is not just a picture, she is someone’s daughter.

She is also an answer to our prayer. God sent us Abigail and we are thrilled to support and to share God’s love with this precious girl and her family.

For Girls Like You Magazine is humbled by the opportunity to support, pray for and befriend Abigail through the Cien Fuegos HOPE Center in the Dominican Republic.

We just want you to know that funds from each subscription purchased go towards supporting Abigail and the many children being served through Cien Fuegos HOPE Center.

If you and your family are interested in sponsoring a child or getting involved please visit: Cien Fuegos HOPE Center for more information.


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