If you are anything like me, there is no trace of “The Holiday Season” left to be found in your home. By now, even your children’s new toys are blending right in with last year’s supply. The only thing that seems to remain is a few stubborn pieces of that stringy icicle décor that your kids insist on keeping up. All other decorations have made their way back into a box, into the attic or out the door! Are you with me!?

Now can I ask you an honest question? Did the spirit of giving seem to sneak out of the door with the trash bags of crumbled wrapping paper and plastic encasings?

I will be the first to admit that I am guilty.

Leading up to the holidays, my brain was constantly churning up new ideas and activities to teach my girls the importance of giving. From baking cookies for our new neighbors, making a thankful calendar or sending a special gift to our favorite ministries, I was on a constant mission to be sure my kids understood that Christmas is not about “getting.” I wanted them to understand that anything they opened on Christmas morning was an expression of how much Jesus loves them and not an entitlement. Now that the season is over and the true meaning of Christmas has been engrained, I have to ask myself, “What lesson am I teaching my girls about appreciating their everyday lives?” And ultimately, “Am I teaching them to have the heart of Christ all year long?”

The Bible teaches us, amongst MANY other WONDERFUL THINGS, that Christ was compassionate, selfless, and generous- Caring for the weak, the sick and the poor. If I truly want to teach my girls to be “Christ-like” then I need to engrain these aspects of His character all year long.

One of my prayers for myself and for my girls comes from the Hillsong United Song “Hosanna”:

Show me how to love like You have loved me

Break my heart for what breaks Yours”

Will you join me in this prayer for our girls? Pray with your girls and discuss ways they can get involved with helping others. Whether its counting pennies, helping a sibling, or greeting visitors at your church- let’s show our girls that they are not too young to make a difference daily for The Kingdom.

Here are a few ideas to help jumpstart your process of year round giving!

Find opportunities to serve in your community:

Help bring an end to slavery-The A21 Campaign and 21 ways to help:

Sponsor a Child in need with Word Vision:

Get involved and support a “kid-friendly” ministry like CBH Ministries “…because Kids Need Christ”:

I am also excited to tell you that our For Girls Like You Magazine Spring issue will focus on Godly characteristics and ways our girls can “show Jesus” with their actions and decisions. We want to highlight the ways your girls SHOW JESUS all year long!

Leave your comments below of how your girls (name and age) are involved or plan to get involved in helping those in need and we will celebrate them in this issue!

Also, share this post and we will randomly select 1 of your comments to win a FREE copy of our Winter Issue for your girl! Winner will be announced one Monday January 30th, 2012!

Looking forward to reading what awesome things your girls are doing to make a difference!


About For Girls Like You Magazine

Hi! I am so glad you are here. I am the proud wife of Jonathan and momma of FOUR little Girls, Alena, Kaitlyn, Camryn and Olivia! I am also the editor and founder of For Girls Like You Magazine! This blog is just one piece of the resources we have available for you! Find out more about me on the "A Little About Me" page! View all posts by For Girls Like You Magazine

4 responses to “Give-A-Way

  • Toni

    Thanks so much for this! I am recently embarking on a giving project for our family this year and this blog post 1. helped confirm what I needed to do, and 2. gave me great ideas. Have a great weekend!

  • valerie (in TX)

    A couple of years ago, my daughter Kaylee (11yo) saw a flyer from Water for Life (a ministry of Life Today) that said you could provide clean water for a lifetime for one person in Africa for $4.80. She gasped! Her eyes lit up and she said, “I have $4.80!!” Ever since then, she’s been saving money for Water for Life – part of her allowance, birthday money, etc. We are about to send in her contribution, to provide clean water for TWENTY FIVE people for their lifetime! 🙂 In addition, instead of presents, for her last birthday party she asked her friends to make a donation to Compassion International’s water filter program. So proud of her heart for helping others. 🙂

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