LEGO Friends- Are we missing the point?

Do you see anything wrong with this picture?

If you are unfamiliar, it is a photo of the new LEGO’s “girlified” building set. Unlike the previous sets of castles, rocket ships and race cars, this Café, with its flowers, bright lights and a white picket fence, is clearly designed with another species in mind—GIRLS!

The LEGO Friends line is composed of 5 girl figurines. (Additional details can be found here.) They appear to be appropriately dressed, lacking mini-skirts and tattoos. They are also marketed with a story of friendship and family, with the hope of encouraging healthy forms of role play and learning amongst girls age 5-8. I am hoping it stays this way!

“What’s the problem” you ask?

Well, If you Google “LEGO Friends” you will inevitably come across many interest groups who see something terribly wrong with this picture, and the marketing and message behind it. You will most likely come face-to-face with a petition currently signed by over 29,000 angered women, men and children.

According to those offended, the problem lies in the fact that the LEGO Friends line features new shades of block colors such as pink, purple and pastel green, and includes building sets such as a dream house, a veterinarian clinic, a tree house and a cafe. To sum it up, many groups are accusing LEGO of stereo-typing and gender biased marketing, giving girls [and boys] the idea that they are supposed to play a certain way and with certain items.

Still don’t see a problem?

Me neither.

It appears to me that many have overlooked a key point. There are innate and natural differences between genders, and it has nothing to do with color preferences. These differences are not created by marketers, but by the Maker Himself. In essence LEGO is not responsible for the differences between boys and girls. If they can be accused of anything, it is simply responding (I’m not sure if even knowingly) to God’s design and plan for both boys and girls.

As Christian parents we need to be very aware that other agendas can easily deteriorate our Christ Centered world view. Though I am all for gender equality in the sense that men and women have equal rights (which is in line with the Word of God), the Bible does not allow for, or even promote “sameness” between male and female. In fact, it is quite the opposite. All throughout the Bible we can see a theme and even direction given in how men and women are and should be different, which promotes the natural order in creation.

As a mother of girls, I am teaching my daughters to chase after God’s heart and His will for their lives. If it leads them to a rocket ship, they better buckle up and enjoy the ride! If they detest the color pink, I won’t force the issue. My goal is not to place labels, limits or false identities on them. However, it is to know the truth and to teach my girls the truth, so that we can walk in the freedom that God gives us when we know Him and His Word.

“He created them male and female, and He blessed them and named them.” Genesis 5:2 (NASB)

Please share your thoughts, “yay” or “nay” to the pink LEGOs?! Do you see this as a big deal?


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