An imperfect mother’s gracious list of “I Will’s…”

I recently read this tweet and immediately recognized it as pure genius!

“I was going to be a perfect mother . . . then I had children.”

If you are a mother then I’m sure you’re able to relate to the truth behind this humorous yet powerful statement! Now that I have 4 lively children the notion of perfection is laughable. I’m convinced that God’s design for parenting includes a built-in “humility instrument” named son or daughter. They often bring out our weaknesses and lack of faith, ultimately leading to a posture of prayer.

Pre kids I had a list of “I will never’s.” The never’s have gradually become understandable exceptions. 

Case and point:

“I will never let my kids play outside all day in their pj’s”

Now I smile because I am the mother next door I never thought I’d be.

“I will never be a “home maker” who does all of the dirty work. I’m getting a maid!”

Maid? Who needs one? Now peeling potatoes, mopping the floor and folding laundry all by myself is a daily challenge and I feel productive! Though I still wouldn’t mind the maid. 🙂

I will never let my house become dirty and look like “so and so’s.”

Isn’t dirty such a relative word?

My children will never talk to me like that.

I definitely demand respect from my children, but a healthy debate with my seven-year old is sometimes fun and a welcomed challenge!

The realities of motherhood often reduce a multitude of parenting rules down to the bare essentials in areas that are more preference than standard. I have a few “vows” that have managed to cross over into life with kids, and I asked you to join me in putting our stakes in the ground and to submit the “parenting vows” that you have managed to hold on to as well! Keep in mind, this is not an exhaustive list of rules or the “I Will Never’s,” but a more gracious list of the “I Will’s.”

Here’s what you had to say. Enjoy!

As a parent,

I WILL give my kids the good morning hug – EVERY MORNING!!!

I WILL pray with the kids before they walk out of the door for school. Even if I’m so irritated with their behavior that I want to pull my hair out. Maybe I should say ESPECIALLY when I’m so irritated.

I WILL ALWAYS dance with my children, no matter how loud they scream, beg and plead for me to stop!!

I WILL randomly enter their classrooms whether necessary or not.

I WILL never let the baby wear high waters in public, unless they actually look like capris!

I WILL ALWAYS let my daughter know she is valued and tell her I love her, no matter what.

I WILL make sure the kids go to the bathroom before leaving the house, even if they say they don’t have to go.

I WILL do the special (embarrassing) dance that is called the “birthday dance!” I will do it anywhere on a particular child’s birthday. I would do it when they were younger and I took cupcakes to school, and even now that we’ve clearly entered the tween phase, I still do it.

I WILL be honest with my children. Maybe not about how messed up I was before I had them because we all know our lives didn’t begin until they burst onto the scene! 😉 But I want to tell them things like, “That’s not the right top for you,” or “You really need to work on breath support before you try for the F#,” and anything else I could say to them before a “Simon Cowell” says it and crushes their spirit on national TV!

I WILL ALWAYS know the names of my daughter’s 3 best friends even if it means learning them every 3 days!

I WILL continue to decide my children’s outfits based on my body temperature at the moment.

There you have it and it’s not too late to add yours! Leave your “I WILLS” in the comment section below! There is comfort in getting them out there and you may even find a few to add to your stash.

I have, and now my poor kids don’t stand a chance! Thanks to your encouragement I will forever be the “dancing, hugging, truth-telling, praying momma, wearing a tank top in January as I enter their classroom and make them use the potty!”


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Hi! I am so glad you are here. I am the proud wife of Jonathan and momma of FOUR little Girls, Alena, Kaitlyn, Camryn and Olivia! I am also the editor and founder of For Girls Like You Magazine! This blog is just one piece of the resources we have available for you! Find out more about me on the "A Little About Me" page! View all posts by For Girls Like You Magazine

2 responses to “An imperfect mother’s gracious list of “I Will’s…”

  • vixytwix

    I was having this conversation with a young friend just two nights ago. He told me all the things he is going to do when he has children (differently to how his parents raised him) My son (19)…the same conversation last night. I said to both of them…come back and we’ll have this conversation when your children are teenagers! Loved your post, especially the part about being the mother next door you never thought you’d be. I remember telling my elderly teacher neighbours when I was 16 that I was going to have a career,travel, get married and then have children, do this do that. How did that work out for me? I’m doing it all backwards, erratically and without design.

  • Kesha M. Royster (@Southern_Bell_a)

    This is too cute!!! When I was growing up I would constantly recite ” when I have kids, I will not be like my parents”! Although I’m not a mother…I’ve since retracted that statement because as I get older (29) I realize by the time I have kids all that will go out the window! I might turn into the mother that says “As long as they don’t kill themselves I’m, just kidding, but slight truth!!! So, I’m just praying for grace to handle whatever comes my way.

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