Create a Thankful Calender

Crafty is not a word I would use to describe myself. I can get a little creative when sitting in front of a computer screen with functioning “undo,” “scale,” and “rotate” buttons. But sit me in front of a piece of poster board and a marker, and I’ve got nothing!!

So with lots of little ones looking at me daily with “mommy, let’s make something eyes,” I am very thankful for the creative people that God has placed in my life!  I may not be able to think of it on my own, but I sure have mastered the art of following directions!

With the holidays quickly approaching and seemingly all being thrown into one big season of “Buy this, it’s on sale,” I thought it would be nice to have my girls create a thank you list before they are allowed to begin any sort of wish list.  So, when I saw this 30 day calendar my friend, Lisa, created with her family I got excited.   I knew it was something I not only wanted to do, but I had to share it with you!  


4 old place mats
30 Brown paper bags
Random materials: Old scraps of ribbon, scrap-book paper, cards, felt, buttons, etc.

Step 1:

Hand stitch table mats together for a backing (or just use a large sheet of poster board!)

Step 2:

Cut the bottom 1/4 off of 30 paper bags

Step 3:

 Hot glue the bottoms of the paper bags to the place mats to be used as the pockets

Step 4:

Use your scraps to create and glue the numbers on each bag

Step 5:

For the next 30 days, place a “Thank you” in each pocket! Go a step further and place an application


“We’re thankful for our feet.”

Application: Go outside and jump on the trampoline.

“We’re thankful for our toys.”

Application: Go through your toys and give some away to other kids or goodwill.

We’re thankful for our grandparents.

Application: Write a letter, call or skype to say, “I Love You.”

Enjoy and remember it can be as simple or as detailed as you want it to be. All of the directions and supplies are just ideas but feel free to switch it up and make it your own!

Leave a comment, expressing something you’re thankful for and how you will apply it today! Have your girls join in and share some of their thank you list as well!


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