Act Like A Child

Yesterday morning, just like many other mornings, Alena bounced into my bedroom fully dressed and ready for school. As she watched me drag myself out of bed, she gleamed with excitement and blurted out, “Mommy get ready to be pregnant, cause last night I prayed for one more baby!”


Of course I posted it on Facebook–what else do you do with all the random things your kids say? While most people laughed with/at me, some did warn me to watch out!!  Well, for whatever reason Alena’s early morning statements stuck with me for the remainder of the day. Not so much what she stated but the belief, anticipation and joy with which she stated it.

You see at age 7, Alena lacks something that many of us adults have when we make our request known to the Lord; reservations.  Many times we ask God for something based on what we believe He would be capable of doing. We don’t go for the extreme and often we don’t go past what we could probably pull off on our own–It would just be easier if He helped. Just as soon as we say our “Amens” we often begin working towards making it happen.

For Alena it was simple. She prayed it; therefore she felt the need to warn me because she fully believed that God heard her prayer and could answer it. How often do you approach God with faith like a seven year old, stepping away from what we know to be true about life and our circumstance and into what we say we believe about our God?  How often do we trust and depending solely on Him for our provision?  When do we stand on our faith understanding that God isn’t guaranteeing that He will do anything but declaring that we know and believe He has our best in mind? If you are anything like me, then the answer is not often enough.

My prayer today is that I would act like a child and I hope join me in this act of faith that can “move mountains!”

Here are a few scriptures to help guide us along:

Matthew 21:21

Matthew 18:2-4

Psalms 23


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3 responses to “Act Like A Child

  • Kana Tyler

    Be ready! 😉 A while back my two-year-old announced to me, out of the blue, “You have a Baby in your tummy, Mommy.” WHAT?? Where’d he get that crazy idea? Not five days later, I had a positive pregnancy test on my hands… He was also very adamant, throughout a pregnancy when I chose not to find out gender, that it was a LADY-baby. Right again. Well, she’s female, at any rate. “Lady” might be a stretch… 😉

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