Create Normal Now

When my 2nd daughter, Kaitlyn, was three, she had what we refer to as the “My Syndrome.” Meaning, whenever she needed to say “I”, she would replace it with “MY!”

Like so:
Can MY have some?

Mommy, MY Hungry.

MY can do it!

Leave MY’lone!

No MY not!

Now MY know MY ABC’s….

And the all-time favorite: Can my play on your MYphone?

Get the picture?

As you can imagine this was very cute for a girl her age, and before we knew it it had also become very normal. More often than not we smiled and even asked her to say it again! After-all she was only 3 and as cute as a button! I remember telling someone, “oh well we will just work it on when she’s older.”

Fast-forward 2 years, my precious Kaity still occasionally has the “My Syndrome!” I have to admit when noticed; it’s just not as cute as it used to be. However, bad habits are hard to break, especially if they have not been corrected, often encouraged or usually reinforced.

Let’s do some forward thinking. What behaviors have we ignored, allowed and even praised in our young girls that just won’t be cute when they are older. Everything from the clothes they wear when they are 5, to the songs they sing when they are 10, will play a part in creating what they consider normal when they are 18. It is up to us to decide what will be praised and what will be corrected.

Let’s work on creating the normal we want now, so we can enjoy later!


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2 responses to “Create Normal Now

  • valerie (in TX)

    I love this post. It is so, SO true. Sometimes it’s hard to think that many years ahead, but it’s important that we do! Can’t wait for the read-along!

  • Tafadzwa

    I agree with Valerie. Great post. It’s eye opening and something to really think on. I had a bing, bing moment. I am not a mother yet but this is great preperation!! I am sure I can also incorporate this principle into my own life somehow!!

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